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Additional Metrics

Artifact Size - Reports on the size of the artifact generated by projects.

Build Stability - Reports on stability of project build using Continuous Integration engine data.

Clirr - Checks Java libraries for binary and source compatibility with older releases.

Emma - An alternative to Clover and Cobertura to measure coverage by unit tests in Java.

GreenPepper - Collects and reports tests results of executable specifications provided by GreenPepper.

JIRA Issues - Retrieves and reports the number of project issues from JIRA.

Rules Meter - Gives information on the level of activation of projects quality profiles.

SCM Activity - Collects and reports information on commits using SCM data.

Security Rules - Enables to zoom on security rules violations to keep them under control.

SonarJ - Provides architecture governance features accompanied by metrics about cyclic dependencies and other structural aspects using SonarJ.

Taglist - Generates a report on various tags found in the code, like @todo or //FIXME tags.


Quality Index - Calculates a global Quality Index based on coding rules, Style, Complexity and Coverage by unit tests.

SIG Maintainability Model - An implementation of the SIG MM to evaluate the maintainability of an application.

Technical debt - Calculates the technical debt on every component of projects with a breakdown by duplications, documentation, coverage, complexity...

Total Quality - Provides an overall measure of the quality of projects linking code quality, design, architecture, and unit testing.

Views - Portfolio Management (Commercial) - Enables aggregation of projects. Projects can be grouped into applications, applications into teams, teams into departments...

Master Project (Commercial) - Computes all projects of the instance into a Master Project.


Eclipse - See defects gathered by Sonar directly in Eclipse and fix them on the spot.

IntelliJ IDEA - See defects gathered by Sonar directly in IntelliJ IDEA and fix them on the spot.

Additional Languages

Cobol (Commercial) - Enables to perform objective and automated Cobol code reviews against pre-defined or home made coding best practices.

Flex / ActionScript - Enables analysis of ActionScript projects into Sonar.

PHP - Enables analysis of PHP projects by handling several tools : PHP Unit, PHP Depend, PHPMD and SQLI CodeSniffer.

PL/SQL (Commercial) - Enables analysis and reporting on PL/SQL projects. As an option, the plugin can extract PL/SQL code from Oracle Forms.

Visual Basic 6 (commercial) - Enables to perform objective and automated Visual Basic 6 reviews against coding best practices.

.Net - Provides support for C# projects in Sonar.

Visualization / Reporting

Motion chart - Displays projects measures using the super sexy Google Motion Chart Gadget.

PDF Report - Generates a PDF report with the results of projects analysis.

Radiator - Displays measures using a big treemap that can then be explored.

Timeline - Displays measures history using a Google Timeline Chart to replay the past.


AnthillPro - Enables to configure and launch Sonar analysis from AntHillPro

Bamboo - Enables to configure and launch Sonar analysis from Bamboo, the Atlassian CI engine.

Build Breaker - Makes the build fail if pre-defined alert thresholds are hit.

Crowd - Enables delegation of Sonar authentication to Atlassian Crowd.

Hudson - Enables to configure and launch Sonar analysis from Hudson CI engine.

LDAP - Enables the delegation of Sonar authentication to an external system. The plugin currently supports LDAP and Microsoft Active Directory.

Piwik - Submits individual's browsing activity of the Sonar instance to a Piwik server so that it can then be analysed.

External tools integration

  • Sonar OpenSocial Gadgets - A suite of gadgets developed for GateIn that should also work in any other standard gadget container (JIRA4, Shindig)
  • Sonar gadgets in JIRA4 - Developed by Marvelution, it enables to display several Sonar gadgets in Jira, along with a Project tab panel.
  • Sonar gadgets in JIRA4 - Developped by Ross Rowe, a set of gadgets that integrate Sonar information within a JIRA 4 dashboard.
  • SecureCI - An open-source continuous integration solution that is packaged as a virtual machiNE and can be run with the VMware Player. It integrates many tools like Sonar, Maven, Nexus, Hudson and Subversion.
  • Maven report. Adds a link to the Maven site to reference Sonar project's dashboard.

External plugins

  • Memtracker for tracking peak memory usage during functional test execution.

Deprecated plugins

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