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As an Apache Shiro committer and a strong proponent of Tapestry, I'm proud to announce the 0.2.0 release of tapestry-security module, which represents the best and most comprehensive security framework integration for Tapestry 5 applications. I can say that since it's largely written by others (smile) Tapestry-security is based on the great work by Valentin Yerastov, the original author of tapestry-jsecurity. Later on, JSecurity became an Apache project and was renamed to Apache Shiro, the first official release of which (as an Apache project) was recently made. Alejandro Scandroli, who else, updated the code to use the latest Shiro APIs and finally, we added a few other bells and whistles on top of it all. Pierce Wetter gets an honorable mention for being a guinea pig and starting to use tapestry-security all without documentation (so it can't be that bad). Now both tapestry-security and Shiro even have proper documentation, read more from our tapestry-security guide. Hope you find the module as useful as we have!

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