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Hello CARGO enthusiasts

Since the release of CARGO 1.0.1 about a month ago, very important bugs have been fixed:

  • The CARGO Maven2 was unusable for configurations with datasource configurations. We've also updated the Java API and ANT tasks' documentation accordingly.
  • The CARGO ANT tasks required the CARGO uberjar to be in the ANT's $ANT_HOME/lib directory -which is not the way it was documented.

We have also made major improvements:

  • To avoid these two major bugs from showing up again, we have started adding samples for the ANT tasks and Maven2 plugin; exactly the way all containers are tested using the Java API.
  • All plugin dependencies now have their version numbers fixed. This enhances reproducibility and guarantees that CARGO can be built and will work, the exact same way, even years later.
  • The Maven2 plugin now has a help goal.
  • Tomcat 7.x has been added to the supported containers list, only weeks after its official release (smile)
  • The Jetty 7.x remote deployer has been fixed.

This new version, CARGO 1.0.2, is now available for use.

Users of the Java API and ANT tasks can download this new version from the page.

Those who prefer Maven2 only need to update their version number. In the case the new version is not on the Maven central yet, please also add the repository is in your Maven2 repositories list.

Everyone enjoy this new version

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