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This Jira roadmap gives an overview of the concrete release planning


This calendar shows the release dates and also JIRA Freeze and Code Freeze dates for the releases.


This is a (not yet) ordered list of issues that we're planning concrete

ACT-108 Define strategy for testing different configurations
ACT-106 Add testing for optimistic locking
ACT-78 move sortorder out of the interface package
ACT-103 Consider removing Page from engine interface
ACT-104 Replace findXxx methods returning lists with query API
ACT-30 Finish the basic history data model
ACT-45 Make Spring integration work in a JTA and appserver environment
ACT-112 Decide on JSON strategy
ACT-34 Refactor JobExecutor threading
ACT-32 Task notifications and reminders
ACT-87 Fill exception field when job fails
ACT-95 fix testTwoNestedSubProcessesInParallelWithTimer
ACT-97 Expose spring beans in Scripts
ACT-1 Revisit responsibilities of ProcessEngines
ACT-109 BPMN: Finish receive task
ACT-84 move parsing of value expression to bpmn parser
ACT-70 Make exceptions and return values consistent in the API
ACT-44 Verify exception and rollback behavior in Spring context
ACT-111 Make Activiti OSGi compatible
ACT-50 review tomcat users in setup scripts
ACT-83 Capture the initiator
ACT-88 Reactivate PropertyTest
ACT-100 Unify firstResults and fix the Rest API
ACT-115 Table ACT_GE_PROPERTY cannot be created on MySQL with UTF-8 encoding due to limitation of key index length
ACT-116 Add LDAP support for the identity component
ACT-117 Dynamic sub tasks
ACT-54 Runtime Linked sub-process
ACT-92 Limit visibility of Spring beans in Activiti expressions
ACT-81 Server error when entering incorrect authentication details
ACT-20 Task forms user picker
ACT-35 Provide external URL for navigating task forms
ACT-18 Show process definition diagram
ACT-76 JSON Response contains unescaped control caharcters
ACT-23 Add no-wrap to task list menu navigation
ACT-62 Add more examples to demo setup
ACT-42 Explorer: Unable to login using Firefox 4beta
ACT-57 Condition on sequence flow is not saved to bpmn20.xml file after reopening an existing process
ACT-71 Activiti Modeler doesn_t work on windows
ACT-105 Add auto redirect to Activiti Modeler
ACT-113 Modeler "Save" does not regenerate bpmn20.xml file
ACT-114 Unable to save newly created diagram twice
ACT-21 Manage list of deployments
ACT-22 Manage list of jobs
ACT-49 make activiti compatible with jdk 5
ACT-15 Implement BPMN boundary error event
ACT-89 Review test support
ACT-66 Revisit task forms
ACT-107 Review Cycle setup config parameters
ACT-65 Investigate permgen error when using webapps
ACT-4 Introduce CI build
ACT-7 Move process activiti-engines-init to tomcat installation
ACT-9 Add auto open of explorer after setup
ACT-67 Rename modules activiti-probe to activiti-webapp-probe, similar for activiti-explorer
ACT-94 java.util.logging.ErrorManager/ NullPointerException in catalina.out at startup of tomcat
ACT-102 java.lang.NoSuchMethodError: javax.el.ExpressionFactory.newInstance()Ljavax/el/ExpressionFactory;
ACT-110 Move Chapter 11. Running QA tests to wiki
ACT-52 Remove BPMN 2.0 Beta compatibility
ACT-47 Multiple parallel paths out of boundary event doesn't work
ACT-77 Remove URL Rewrite
ACT-73 Document usage of activiti prefix
ACT-69 Add ant target to start up h2 console
ACT-56 Activiti Modeler is bound to localhost instead of the actual servername
ACT-63 Documentation: enhance task form example (vacation request)
ACT-64 Configure Tomcat in demo setup to have more memory
ACT-68 Make demo.setup run on MySQL
ACT-72 Creating tables in MySQL via Ant target fails due to error in activiti.mysql.create.sql
ACT-93 Use CompiledScript to improve performance


This is a list of features that we aim for on a mid term and hence they didn't make it yet into the concrete roadmap which is maintained in Jira

  • Add support for embedded war deployment
  • Process instance migration
  • Rules integration
  • View logs (javax.util software log files)
  • View activiti configuration file
  • Query for process instances based on variable values
  • Transient variables
  • System variables
  • Pluggable mechanism for variables referencing external entities
  • Allow for JPA entities to be stored as process variables
  • Task delegation when a user goes on holiday
    • Existing tasks
    • New tasks for which the engine would assign it to that user
  • LDAP integration
  • Internationalization for task forms
  • Search with Lucence
  • Mail forms: Complete a task by replying to a mail
  • Online demo
    • Similar for SMS, IM, ...
    • Pluggable task interaction handler
  • Viewing other people’s tasks
  • Task lifecycle pluggability
  • User provided process instance ids
  • Allow for Hibernate entities to be stored as process variables
  • Allow for JCT nodes to be stored as process variables
  • Task, process instance and artefact discussions
  • Manage variables on tasks
    • Goal: associate docs and other stuff with tasks dynamically
  • Simulation
    • Specify bell shaped probability curves
    • Specify scenarios
    • Produce report of execution run
  • Manage process cache
    • Clear cache
    • View list of cached processes
  • Async access to service API
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