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This Jira roadmap gives an overview of the concrete release planning


This calendar shows the release dates and also JIRA Freeze and Code Freeze dates for the releases.


Here's the Activiti backlog in Jira.  That is the official reference. Below is that (not yet) list of issues ordered by priority for planning purposes.  The list below in this page might be out of date.

ACT-108 Define strategy for testing different configurations
ACT-106 Add testing for optimistic locking
ACT-78 move sortorder out of the interface package
ACT-103 Consider removing Page from engine interface
ACT-104 Replace findXxx methods returning lists with query API
ACT-30 Finish the basic history data model
ACT-45 Make Spring integration work in a JTA and appserver environment
ACT-112 Decide on JSON strategy
ACT-34 Refactor JobExecutor threading
ACT-32 Task notifications and reminders
ACT-87 Fill exception field when job fails
ACT-95 fix testTwoNestedSubProcessesInParallelWithTimer
ACT-97 Expose spring beans in Scripts
ACT-1 Revisit responsibilities of ProcessEngines
ACT-109 BPMN: Finish receive task
ACT-84 move parsing of value expression to bpmn parser
ACT-70 Make exceptions and return values consistent in the API
ACT-44 Verify exception and rollback behavior in Spring context
ACT-111 Make Activiti OSGi compatible
ACT-50 review tomcat users in setup scripts
ACT-83 Capture the initiator
ACT-88 Reactivate PropertyTest
ACT-100 Unify firstResults and fix the Rest API
ACT-115 Table ACT_GE_PROPERTY cannot be created on MySQL with UTF-8 encoding due to limitation of key index length
ACT-116 Add LDAP support for the identity component
ACT-117 Dynamic sub tasks
ACT-54 Runtime Linked sub-process
ACT-92 Limit visibility of Spring beans in Activiti expressions
ACT-81 Server error when entering incorrect authentication details
ACT-20 Task forms user picker
ACT-35 Provide external URL for navigating task forms
ACT-18 Show process definition diagram
ACT-76 JSON Response contains unescaped control caharcters
ACT-23 Add no-wrap to task list menu navigation
ACT-62 Add more examples to demo setup
ACT-42 Explorer: Unable to login using Firefox 4beta
ACT-57 Condition on sequence flow is not saved to bpmn20.xml file after reopening an existing process
ACT-71 Activiti Modeler doesn_t work on windows
ACT-105 Add auto redirect to Activiti Modeler
ACT-113 Modeler "Save" does not regenerate bpmn20.xml file
ACT-114 Unable to save newly created diagram twice
ACT-21 Manage list of deployments
ACT-22 Manage list of jobs
ACT-49 make activiti compatible with jdk 5
ACT-15 Implement BPMN boundary error event
ACT-89 Review test support
ACT-66 Revisit task forms
ACT-107 Review Cycle setup config parameters
ACT-65 Investigate permgen error when using webapps
ACT-4 Introduce CI build
ACT-7 Move process activiti-engines-init to tomcat installation
ACT-9 Add auto open of explorer after setup
ACT-67 Rename modules activiti-probe to activiti-webapp-probe, similar for activiti-explorer
ACT-94 java.util.logging.ErrorManager/ NullPointerException in catalina.out at startup of tomcat
ACT-102 java.lang.NoSuchMethodError: javax.el.ExpressionFactory.newInstance()Ljavax/el/ExpressionFactory;
ACT-110 Move Chapter 11. Running QA tests to wiki
ACT-52 Remove BPMN 2.0 Beta compatibility
ACT-47 Multiple parallel paths out of boundary event doesn't work
ACT-77 Remove URL Rewrite
ACT-73 Document usage of activiti prefix
ACT-69 Add ant target to start up h2 console
ACT-56 Activiti Modeler is bound to localhost instead of the actual servername
ACT-63 Documentation: enhance task form example (vacation request)
ACT-64 Configure Tomcat in demo setup to have more memory
ACT-68 Make demo.setup run on MySQL
ACT-72 Creating tables in MySQL via Ant target fails due to error in activiti.mysql.create.sql
ACT-93 Use CompiledScript to improve performance


This is a list of features that we aim for on a mid term and hence they didn't make it yet into the concrete roadmap which is maintained in Jira

  • Add support for embedded war deployment
  • Process instance migration
  • Rules integration
  • View logs (javax.util software log files)
  • View activiti configuration file
  • Query for process instances based on variable values
  • Transient variables
  • System variables
  • Pluggable mechanism for variables referencing external entities
  • Allow for JPA entities to be stored as process variables
  • Task delegation when a user goes on holiday
    • Existing tasks
    • New tasks for which the engine would assign it to that user
  • LDAP integration
  • Internationalization for task forms
  • Search with Lucence
  • Mail forms: Complete a task by replying to a mail
  • Online demo
    • Similar for SMS, IM, ...
    • Pluggable task interaction handler
  • Viewing other people’s tasks
  • Task lifecycle pluggability
  • User provided process instance ids
  • Allow for Hibernate entities to be stored as process variables
  • Allow for JCT nodes to be stored as process variables
  • Task, process instance and artefact discussions
  • Manage variables on tasks
    • Goal: associate docs and other stuff with tasks dynamically
  • Simulation
    • Specify bell shaped probability curves
    • Specify scenarios
    • Produce report of execution run
  • Manage process cache
    • Clear cache
    • View list of cached processes
  • Async access to service API
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