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Hello, CARGO enthusiasts!

We are happy to announce the immediate availability of CARGO 1.0.4. This new version comes with 26 bug fixes, improvements and bug fixes, here is a short summary of the most interesting ones:

  • The Apache Geronimo container is back again! Both versions 1.x (these are more than 4 years old, now!) and 2.x are supported, please see the documentation pages on and (I'll not list the JIRA tickets here, we have many of them!)
  • Added support for the OSGi Bundle deployable type (CARGO-850 and some others). Currently, only the OW2 JOnAS 5.x container can handle bundles, hopefully that list should expand with the new versions of GlassFish and Geronimo.
  • Made the new JBoss deployers, introduced in CARGO 1.0.3, work with big (tens of megabytes) files (CARGO-859); which actually is the filesize of real-life applications
  • Various documentation updates (Documentation for pingTimeout, JBoss naming ports, missing property names, etc.)
  • Made the FILE deployable actually support all types of files
  • ... and more!

We have also finely tuned our release process, and CARGO 1.0.4 is the first CARGO version ever that has been tagged, staged, checked for quality and voted for during 72 hours before being released. Bravo, team! (smile)

CARGO users that prefer the Java API and/or the ANT tasks can download this new version via

Those who use the Maven2 plugin simply have to change their plugin version in their POMs -the artifacts are already on the Maven2 central repository.

Also, I will be sending nice e-mails on various application servers' mailing lists in order to introduce them CARGO. The current version can be seen on the "let's make some noise" page and all comments, corrections and ideas are most welcome.

Enjoy this new release!

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