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Preparing for a release

Building the Activiti Modeler for the first time? Check out the excellent documentation by Signavio:

  1. Update your local version (svn up)
  2. update in the file the version property
  3. build the war: (on the root): ant build-all-in-one-war. The war file will be stored in the /target folder
  4. rename the war to the current version: eg. from activiti-modeler.war to activiti-modeler-5.0.beta1.war
  5. Set or verify in user.home/ the property to point to the target folder in which the Activiti Modeler is built.
  6. Call the patch.activiti.modeler ant target in distro/build.xml in the Activiti codebase. The easiest is to create a small script that does that for you on the root of the Modeler source:

This will patch the modeler war to include the Cycle plugin and the Activiti stencil set.

  1. The patched war will exist in the /target/patched/ folder

Testing the war:

  1. Checkout the to-be-released (tag) version
  2. Edit distro/src/setup/build.xml : change the property '' to the war on your local system. Example:
  3. Comment the 'skip.deploy.activiti.modeler=true' property in the $user.home/.activiti/
  4. Build a new activiti distro (in qa dir: ant build.clean.distro or in distro dir: ant clean distro) and run the demo setup (in qa dir: ant test.demo.setup or in distro/target/activiti-${activiti.version}/setup/ dir: ant demo.setup).
  5. Verify if the modeler is correctly working.
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