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Ta daa! This time we are announcing a dual release of tapestry-security, versions 0.2.1 for T5.1.x and 0.3.0 for T5.2.x! Probably not much of a surprise anymore as I've hinted at numerous occasions about the new releases but announcing still has its place since major dependencies changed. Most importantly, these versions pull in and integrate with Apache Shiro 1.1.0, the first Shiro release as a top level Apache project. I'm also happy to report that some of Tynamo-born annotations made their way to Shiro core so tapestry-security doesn't need to supplement Shiro annotations with our own extensions anymore. If you were using previous tapestry-security releases, you are advised to upgrade immediately as there were some security vulnerabilities in Shiro 1.0.0-incubating (which don't directly affect tapestry-security but you should still upgrade).

Tapestry-security 0.3.0 uses the brand new T5.2.4, the best Tapestry release yet. 0.2.1 and 0.3.0 are functionally equivalent, the only difference is that 0.3.0 moved onto newer APIs (thanks Massimo) and we started using some T5.2 features in the tests ourselves. Testament to the backwards compatibility of Tapestry 5.x, tapestry-security 0.2.1 will work for T5.2 just the same but it pulls in T5.1.0.5 and is tested against that version. Both versions will be maintained going forward but 0.3.x will start using more of T5.2 features in the future. Read more at tapestry-security guide. Release notes are for both versions except for TYNAMO-66:


  • TYNAMO-56 - tapestry-security sources missing from central repo


  • TYNAMO-61 - tynamo-security: bypass security check during application start
  • TYNAMO-66 - Update tapestry-security to use T5.2.x APIs
  • TYNAMO-55 - Rewrite ShiroExceptionHandler for T5.2


  • TYNAMO-62 - Update tapestry-security to use Shiro 1.1.0 APIs
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