We need you!


The IzPack documentation needs work, and you are invited to edit it!

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Remember that IzPack is not a corporate-backed project, thus our development resources are limited.

The great news is that you can help in many ways, even if you are not a developer!

The following is a list of things where you could help out.

  • Browse through the list of open JIRAissues:
    • provide a fix, or
    • mention that the issue is outdated / incomplete / duplicated.
  • Improve the current Maven build:
    • check and simplify the dependencies
    • check that the plugins are at current versions
    • make sure the build works on Maven 2.2 and 3
    • fix potential Maven bad practices.
  • Continue the code base refactoring and test suite harnessing effort.
  • Re-work the console and automated execution modes:
    • they have probably be broken by the changes in 5.0
    • their implementation is everything but clean, it's a hack, so we deserve a cleaner code base here.
  • Generators from IzPack XML descriptors to native package management systems and installers:
    • Windows MSI
    • NSIS
    • Debian/Ubuntu
    • RPM
    • Mac OS X Package Installer
    • (...)
  • Update management system integration.
  • Support for metrics gathering system.

One last thing: do not hesitate to clone a developer repository on GitHub, and share your code with pull requests for review! See our Git Guide for more details on our Git workflows.

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