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We have just released Groovy-Eclipse 2.1.1.RC1.

You can use the following update site to install this release.

Groovy-Eclipse update site for Eclipse 3.6




Groovy-Eclipse 2.1.1.RC1 includes Groovy 1.7.5 and is installable on Eclipse 3.6.0 and 3.6.1. There are no plans to release a 3.5 version of this release.

Update site zips

Zipped versions of the update sites are available at:

What's next?

The 2.1.1 final release is scheduled for a week from now to coincide with the 2.5.2 release of the SpringSource Tool Suite. Because this version is a release candidate, only critical bug fixes will be made between now and the final release.

We appreciate community support and feedback. If you wish to join the discussion about Groovy-Eclipse then please sign up for the mailing list. For any issues you have (or enhancements you would like to see), please raise them in our issue tracker.

Release Notes

Release Notes - GRECLIPSE - Version 2.1.1Release

    • Bug
  • GRECLIPSE-486 - Organize import does not sort the packages correctly
  • GRECLIPSE-600 - Parser Organize import removes nested annotations import
  • GRECLIPSE-615 - Added import statements (shift-ctrl-o) in Groovy classes are suffixed with a space
  • GRECLIPSE-633 - Defining enum(s) alongside class in groovy file produces compile errors intermittently
  • GRECLIPSE-689 - Error during Java search
  • GRECLIPSE-693 - Incompatible with Eclipse 3.5.1 x64 and CDT
  • GRECLIPSE-694 - Code completion often does not work (possible line delimiter problem?)
  • GRECLIPSE-698 - Inferencing of static imports and * imports not working
  • GRECLIPSE-764 - Integration with m2eclipse
  • GRECLIPSE-768 - Some AST nodes have wrong source position when AST transform is run with Groovy Eclipse
  • GRECLIPSE-785 - JDTClassNode instances are immutable
  • GRECLIPSE-811 - Serious issues with compiler 1.6.7
  • GRECLIPSE-839 - Named parameters should only be applied to constructors
  • GRECLIPSE-840 - formatter Remove whitespace at end of line works sporadically
  • GRECLIPSE-843 - Control I on selected text re formats entire file
  • GRECLIPSE-851 - Keyboard shortcut for "Run Groovy Script" doesn't work
  • GRECLIPSE-853 - Can't add bookmarks in groovy sources
  • GRECLIPSE-858 - Caching of ModuleNodes in ModuleNodeMapper is causing problems
  • GRECLIPSE-869 - Syntax color for class fields is hard coded in the editor
  • GRECLIPSE-873 - Cannot compile Groovy project due to NullPointerException in ProblemReporter.unsafeReturnTypeOverride
  • GRECLIPSE-874 - Exception thrown in inferencing engine when there are multiple nested array indexes
  • GRECLIPSE-877 - For loop triggering an immutable exception in LazyGenericsType
  • GRECLIPSE-881 - Incorrect error reported for static generic functions
  • GRECLIPSE-887 - Exception in New Groovy Class Wizard when an import is added to the New Java File Code template
  • GRECLIPSE-889 - ast transforms do not behave when compiler used standalone (outside of the IDE)
  • GRECLIPSE-890 - Run/Debug hot key not working
  • GRECLIPSE-891 - Class names of a single character are sometimes confused with primitive type signatures
  • GRECLIPSE-892 - Breakpoint not being installed
  • GRECLIPSE-893 - New Groovy JUnit Test case wizard problem generating methods to test static methods
  • GRECLIPSE-894 - Code Selection not working for static method
  • GRECLIPSE-895 - Organize import removes caught exception classes
  • GRECLIPSE-896 - JUnit Tests not found when defining final string with unicode character
  • GRECLIPSE-908 - Javadoc does not work inside static Methods
  • GRECLIPSE-914 - NPE During Organize Imports whilst editing a script
  • GRECLIPSE-915 - When an inheritance cycle is created, mostly get stack overflow rather than error for issue
  • GRECLIPSE-917 - Spock: ast transformation errors when using spock-jar from external project
  • GRECLIPSE-918 - Install problem: after installing into Helios JEE for Win32, JDT and Groovy functionality is missing
  • GRECLIPSE-920 - Organize imports removes inner class imports
  • GRECLIPSE-921 - Groovy source formatter breaks gstrings when lists are used as parameter
  • GRECLIPSE-923 - Format/indent menus are messed up.
  • GRECLIPSE-925 - Errant varargs warning in sub-classed code
    • Improvement
  • GRECLIPSE-387 - support both 1.6 and 1.7 compiler versions
  • GRECLIPSE-436 - debug Variables pane does not show expected variables when debuggin groovy code
  • GRECLIPSE-708 - visualization of deprecated and static references
  • GRECLIPSE-856 - formatter quirk
  • GRECLIPSE-863 - Include all jars in the org.codehaus.groovy/lib directory in the Groovy Libraries classpath container
  • GRECLIPSE-880 - Offer to auto-import classes if not found in annotations
  • GRECLIPSE-916 - inferencing Inferencing inside of closure should replace the type of 'this'
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