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How to do an AW release

Code base

  • make sure AbstractJoinPointCompiler.DUMP_JIT_CLASSES is set to false
  • commit if changed
  • tag as rel_2_0_RC3 (f.e., follow the same style)


  • create a new folder aspectwerkz-2.0.RC3
  • do a cvs export (not a checkout)
  • go into the folder
  • set ASPECTWERKZ_HOME=. in a DOS window

Note: if at some stage stuff fails, fix the issue and start over, drop the whole folder. When it will come to the tag, make sure you are MOVING it (this can fail here if you forgot to commit a new file f.e.).

The Java 5

  • setup your java to 1.5
  • run ant clean test
  • !! BEWARE. the JVMTI manifest is sometime fucked up. Fix the CRLF in it and rerun ant test
  • all tests should be ok - read carrefully (they are runned in 2 steps so pretty verbose.)
  • run ant clean test:offline fails on @mixin ??
  • run ant clean samples
  • run ant clean offline:samples
  • Copy lib/aspectwerkz-jdk5-* to a new "upload" directory outside of ASPECTWERKZ_HOME

The Java 1.4

  • set your Java to 1.4
  • run ant clean test
  • !! Some test for HotDeployment may fail - 3 of them
  • copy aspectwerkz.dll in there and rerun the tests
  • copy lib/aspectwerkz* to the "upload" directory

The ext
Note: The ext jars are not shipped in for RCs.

  • cd comp:ext:test
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