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It's been a long year since the last release but the wait is finally over: Boo 0.9.4 is here!

It's a release packed full of features, improvements and bug fixes:

  • ~4x shorter compilation times
  • support for partial interfaces ( and enums (
  • support for typed collection initializers ( and
  • much improved Linq extension method support including type inference for closures (
    • System.Core.dll is now referenced by default, import System.Linq.Enumerable and Linq away
  • 'new' keyword for explicit shadowing of inherited members (
  • initial support for .Net 4.0
  • loads of metaprogramming improvements
  • type inference for empty arrays will take their usage into account (
  • cast function has been deprecated by the introduction of the new cast operator (e cast type)
  • ifdef macro for conditional compilation (
  • simple identifier interpolation: "Hello, $name!"
  • for consistency interpolation now uses () instead of {} for complex expressions ("2+2: $(2 + 2)" instead of "2+2: $
    Unknown macro: {2 + 2}
  • automatic stubbing of inherited abstract generic methods (
  • proper support for partial classes containing nested types (
  • fixed matrix builtin on .net (broken by a System.Reflection.Emit bug)
  • better report of ambiguous generic type reference errors
  • fix for shortcircuited expressions involving implicit bool conversion operators
  • and many many more...

Kudos to all that contributed to this release throughout the year specially: Квасов Роман, Ryan Boggs, Dmitry Malyshev, Maksym Trushyn, Daniel Grunwald, Cedric Vivier, Spruce Weber, socrates877, rektide, George Dernovoy and Benjamin Reed.

As usual the packages can be download from:;O=D

A new MonoDevelop addin is also available and can be installed from the Community Add-in Repository:


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