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Whoops, almost forgot to announce the release of our latest module here: 0.0.1 version of tynamo-federatedaccounts with Facebook Oauth is now out! Additional openID & Oauth providers to follow. More at tynamo-federatedaccounts guide. Also see the previous blog entry for more information.

Release notes:


TYNAMO-74 - Support inline Facebook oauth permission screen

New Feature

TYNAMO-72 - Initial implementation of Facebook Oauth
TYNAMO-73 - Initial implementation of federatedaccounts sample
running on GAE
TYNAMO-80 - Implement different windowmodes for Facebook oauth

Here's what Alejandro (the co-founder of Tynamo) had to say about the module:
I don't know if we should release this module, It's so easy to use that's not fair for people that suffered the Facebook nightmare. I want people to suffer as I DID!!! Damn it Kalle!! Excellent work! (smile)

Also check out the live example of federatedaccounts. Enjoy!

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