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Here comes yet another beautiful little module called tapestry-routing.

In a nutshell, tapestry-routing allows you to provide your own custom mapping between Tapestry pages and URLs.

Did you ever wanted to change the order of the path params in an URL? now you can!

Let's say you have a page: pages.projects.Members which have 2 parameters in its activation context: (Long projectId, Long memberId) and you want the URL for that page to look like /projects/1/members/1 Just add the @At annotation to you page, like this:

That's it!
tapestry-routing Dispatcher will take care of recognizing incoming requests and dispatching the proper render request
tapestry-routing PageRenderLinkTransformer will do the rest of the work, it will transform every Link for a page render request formatting it according to your route rule.

We really need some feedback, so please give it a try:


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