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Sonar PHP Plugin provides PHP language support to Sonar. The plugin enables all Sonar builtin features for PHP projects. It relies on well known analysis tools for PHP: PHP Unit, PHP Depend, PHPMD, PHPCPD and PHP_CodeSniffer to provide some additionnal metrics and to detect violations.

Sonar PHP Plugin

PHP Unit


PHP Depend



SQLI CodeSniffer















Note that Sonar PHP Plugin 0.2 used to rely on SQLI_CodeSniffer which is derived from PHP_CodeSniffer but incompatible with the original tool.
Sonar PHP Plugin 0.3 and next versions rely directly PHP_CodeSniffer.


This installation section provides two way for installing necessary tools to make the plugin work correctly. If you are familiar with an environnement, you may just need to reed the "Short way" section, if you need more help, you can follow the more verbose installation guide for the section.

Install Sonar PHP Plugin

Sonar PHP Plugin is very straight forward: Once you have installed sonar in $SONAR_HOME directoy, just copy the sonar-php-plugin.jar file inside $SONAR_HOME/extensions/plugins/ directory.

Install PHP environnement

Short way for PHP experts
  1. Install PHP runtime with the corresponding xdebug extensions. Version 5.2.6 or newer is required.
  2. Install PEAR. Version 1.8.0 or newer is required
  3. Install PHPUnit version 3.5.5 (strictly)
  4. Install phpcpd version 1.3.0 (strictly)
  5. Install PHPDepend PHPMD version 0.2.5
  6. Install PHP_CodeSniffer version 1.3.0RC1
Long way for PHP dummies
  1. Install PHP version 5.2.6 or newer. You can download PHP at this location and follow these installation instructions.
  2. Install PEAR version 1.8.0 or newer if not included in PHP distribution. To ensure pear version and to upgrade it type the following commands in command prompt:
    If you, for some reason, need the latest PEAR and the commands above don't get it then download and execute it with php (don't use the old go-pear without the .phar extension, it will likely fail):
  3. Install PHP Unit from pear using the following command lines:
  4. Install XDebug to allow code instrumentation used for instance by phpunit to compute coverage.
    • If you are running Linux or Mac you must install phpize (normally found in php dev packages like rpm php5-devel, deb php5-dev) and then compile xdebug via pecl install using the following command line
      And then edit your $PHP_HOME/cli_php.ini file to add the following line:
    • If you are running windows, you should download the binary version matching your PHP installation from this location. And then edit your $PHP_HOME/cli_php.ini file to add the following line:
  5. Install PHP Depend
  6. Install PHPMD
  7. Install PHP_CodeSniffer
  8. Install phpcpd

You are now ready to configure your projet for first analysis. Refer to the page How Sonar PHP Plugin works to see how you can configure your project with maven.
Since Sonar 2.6 you can also use ant to generate your dashboard, more informations on this page and on the sonar ant task page.

Known limitations


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