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The C# Plugins ecosystem consists of the following plugins:

  • C# Core : the core plugin that defines API used by every other plugin in the ecosystem
  • C# Squid : the plugin that parses C# code source, computes metrics and detects copy-paste (distributed by SonarSource as a freeware)
  • C# FxCop : the plugin launches FxCop analyses to detect violations relating to potential bugs, tight coupling, globalization, ...
  • C# StyleCop : the plugin launches StyleCop analyses to detect violations primarily relating to coding style (formatting, comments, ...)
  • C# Gendarme : the plugin launches Gendarme analyses to detect violations primarily relating to coding bad practices, smell detection, performance, ...
  • C# Gallio : the plugin launches Gallio to run tests and gets execution report as well as coverage report (using PartCover or NCover)

You may not want to install of all these plugins: only the C# Core plugin is mandatory, although it won't do much without the C# Squid plugin. So let's say you need to install at least those 2 plugins.
For the other ones, feel free to install the ones that suit your need.


Below are the requirements to be able to use the C# Plugins:

  • Sonar requirements: please first check that you know the requirements for the Sonar platform itself
  • C# Plugins Ecosystem requirements
    • Your C# code base must be developped with Visual Studio, and thus must contain a ".sln" file (.NET Solution)
    • Supported versions:

      C# language

      Up to 4.0

      .NET framework

      2.0, 3.5 and 4.0


      3 and 4

      Visual Studio

      Tested with VS 2010 ".sln" files.
      Older versions may be also supported (feel free to give feedback)

Install the C# plugins

  1. Download the ZIP that contains the latest version of the C# plugins
  2. Copy the plugins you chose into the "/extensions/plugins" folder of Sonar

Install SonarSource C# Squid plugin

  1. Download the C# Squid plugin
  2. Copy it into the "/extensions/plugins" folder of Sonar

Install the required tools

Depending on which plugin you chose to install, you may need to install the corresponding tool.


Install required if plugin selected?

Web site / install guide

Versions supported (tested in bold)



1.36+ (10.0)


NO, StyleCop 4.4 binaries embedded in the plugin

4.3+ (4.4)


NO, Gendarme 2.10 binaries embedded in the plugin

2.10+ (2.10)



3.1 Update 2 + (3.2.3)

Check the prerequisites

  • Sonar must be correctly installed
  • Maven or the Sonar Java Runner must be installed
  • Your .NET solution must be compiled if you want to use the following plugins:
    • FxCop
    • Gendarme
    • Gallio
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