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The SceneGraphBuilder is the main helper class for doing Groovy Markup for JavaFX 2.0. 

The following sections describe some of the generalized behavior supported in the SceneGraphBuilder on all nodes and attributes defined in the MarkUP.


All font attributes may of course be set with a JavaFX Font object (javafx.scene.text.Font). In addition, fonts may be defined using the JavaFX CSS styles for "-fx-font" or "-fx-font-size". If a font size string is presented, then the default Font will be used with that size. (see CSS Reference Guide.)


All color and paint attributes may be set with one of the JavaFX Paint or Color objects (javafx.scene.paint.LinearGradientjavafx.scene.paint.RadialGradient and javafx.scene.paint.Color). In addition, colors may be set using the pseudo color variables, such as red, green, blue, etc. Colors may also be defined as a web string such as "#333", "cyan", etc. Colors may also be defined using the JavaFX CSS styles for colors, linear, and radial gradients. (see [CSS Reference Guide.|]) Also see SceneGraphBuilder - paint for more details.

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