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Castor JAXB improvments

This page will contain the documentation for revised Castor JAXB provider implementation.

Table of content:

The ideas

General Implementation issues

There is quite a number of methods that will require a implementation.








where PP means patch provided and PC means patch committed.

Besides that it seams that JAXBXmlNaming behaviour is incorrect for names written in pascal case for example Name is converted into lowercase name.
The JAXBXmlNaming#toXml should be revised.

Introduce CastorJAXBContextFactory

As described in javadocs API the JAXBContext reads the file existing in the given context path package and uses the class specifed in javax.xml.bind.context.factory to create the JAXBContext. The class must simply implement two methods:


  • I think that the marshall methods need to handle the JAXBElement, in simple case just check if passed object is instance of the JAXBElement and retrieve it's value, in more complex one use the QName from the element and set that as the root element name. (Done)
  • The JAXB Marshaller defines set of properties that will need to be handled.


  • The unmarshall methods that creates the JAXBElement as a result should also correclty set the QName of the created element. (Done)
  • The current implementation uses a single shared unmarshaller instance, this may not be thread safe, especially for methods that unmarshalls to JAXBElement which sets the expected class.

Future enhancement

Some of the functionality could require to be actually implemented in backing Castor framework - for example handling the attachment through MTOM/XOP and swaRef.

Functional testing

I think a little bit of time should be spend on functional testing, and this might get quite tedious. Looking, for example, at the @XmlAttribute annotation, there's a lot of variants to test, requiring POJOs to be annotated slightly different for each test case. That would require us to write a lot of POJOs and wire them up accordingly in the test classes. Let's see whether we can agree on how to go about this (layout, package structures, ...).

The implementation

General Implementation issues



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