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GPath is a path expression language we've integrated into Groovy which is similar in aims and scope as XPath is to XML.
#. Expression language for tree structured data
#. Implementations for XML
#. Can specify a path to an element
a.b.c -> all the <c> elements inside <b> inside <a>
#. Can specify attributes
a"@href" -> the href attribute of all the a elements
The best example of GPath for xml is test-new/groovy/util/XmlSlurperTest.groovy.

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package org.codehaus.groovy.sandbox.util

class XmlSlurperTest extends GroovyTestCase {
void testXmlParser() {
        text = """
		<prop> dd</prop>
    <character id="1" name="Wallace">
    <character id="2" name="Gromit">
        node = new XmlSlurper().parseText(text);
        assert node != null
        assert node.children().size() == 3 //, "Children ${node.children()}"
        characters = node.character
        println "node:" + node.children().size()
        println "charcters:" + node.character.size()
        for (c in characters) {
            println c['@name']
        assert characters.size() == 2
        assert node.character.likes.size() == 2 //, "Likes ${node.character.likes}"
        // lets find Gromit
        gromit = node.character.find { it['@id'] == '2' }
        assert gromit != null //, "Should have found Gromit!"
        assert gromit['@name'] == "Gromit"
        // lets find what Wallace likes in 1 query
        answer = node.character.find { it['@id'] == '1' }.likes[0].text()
        assert answer == "cheese"


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by Jack Herrington.
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