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Software Test Description

This page describes mapbuilder-lib tests to be run before each release.

Testing platforms

Tests shall be run on at least the following clients:

  1. Windows Internet Explorer 6
  2. A Mozilla based browser > version 1.2 (Eg Firefox 1.0 or greater)

Tests shall be run on at least the following servers:

  1. Standard directory. Eg: file:///c:/Documents%20and%20Settings/shorterc/My%20Documents/work/mapbuilder
  2. Apache
  3. Tomcat

Simple Map Viewer


  1. Test zoom slider
  2. Test navigation buttons
  3. Test dragging of the map
  4. Test dragging a zoombox with SHIFT

Interactive Map Viewer


  1. Test zoom in button
  2. Test zoom out button
  3. Test pan button
  4. Test reset extent button
  5. Test previous extent button
  6. Test next extent button
  7. Test the three actions in the list 'Examples of working with MapBuilder'

Enhanced Map Viewer


  1. Test the graticule button
  2. Test the getFeatureInfo button
  3. Test switching of baselayers
  4. Test switching on/off normal layers

Time Series Demo

Complete Demo

Feature Entry Demo


  1. Add a point. Ensure the point is sent to the server.
  2. Add a line. Ensure the line is sent to the server.
  3. Select a point. Ensure it is selectable.
  4. Delete a selected point.
  5. Select a line and modify attributes, then save it.

Context Editor Demo

GeoRss Demo

Build Process

  1. Verify that the code has been compressed in the main .zip directory and has not been compressed in the directory.
  2. Verify the Javascript docs were built in http://localhost:8080/mapbuilder/docs/jsdocs/
  3. Verify the component register was built in http://localhost:8080/mapbuilder/docs/register
  4. Verify the new widgets, tools and models are included in the Register. If not, then the schema needs to be updated.
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