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This example assumes the following class is already on your CLASSPATH:


Here is an example of using XmlSlurper:


  • If your elements contain characters such as dashes, you can enclose the element name in double quotes. Meaning for:
  • You do the following:

You can also parse XML documents using namespaces:

XmlSlurper has a declareNamespace method which takes a Map of prefix to URI mappings. You declare the namespaces and just use the prefixes in the GPath expression.

Some remarks:

  • name or "*:name" matches an element named "name" irrespective of the namespace it's in (i.e. this is the default mode of operation)
  • ":name" matches an element named "name" only id the element is not in a namespace
  • "prefix:name" matches an element names "name" only if it is in the namespace identified by the prefix "prefix" (and the prefix to namespace mapping was defined by a previous call to declareNamespace)

You can generate namespaced elements in StreamingMarkupBuilder very easily:

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