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Hello. I'm a long-time java (and previously c++) programmer and have used a few scripting languages in the past year or two. I've always wished for a very java-like scripting tool because in my world learning another language syntax/library/etc. just to get something done quickly is impossible. We use java every day, all the time, and write scripts once in a while and (try) to forget about them, so there's really no hope that we'll remember another language.

So when I saw an article in Dr. Dobbs about Groovy I was very interested and clicked through to this web site. And I have to say: it's truly awful! The advertisements drown out the content on many pages. The FAQ is nearly useless (one link leads to ads but no content, another to a single question), although the "old FAQ" looks like it was useful when the links worked. Browsing around gives the impression that a major focus of this project is a Korean translation. etc. etc.

To me, this web site is very off-putting. If you want busy programmers to consider using this thing you're developing, you really must develop a more confidence-inspiring web presence. I'm sympathetic to what you're trying to do or I would have just clicked away and forgotten you for another year or 2.

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