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Jikes RVM (Research Virtual Machine) provides a flexible open testbed to prototype virtual machine technologies and experiment with a large variety of design alternatives. The system is licensed under an OSI approved license. Jikes RVM runs on many platforms and advances the state-of-the-art of virtual machine technologies for dynamic compilation, adaptive optimization, garbage collection, thread scheduling, and synchronization. A distinguishing characteristic of Jikes RVM is that it is implemented in the Java™ programming language and is self-hosted i.e., its Java code runs on itself without requiring a second virtual machine. Most other virtual machines for the Java platform are written in native code (typically, C or C++). A Java implementation provides ease of portability, and a seamless integration of virtual machine and application resources such as objects, threads, and operating-system interfaces.

Many researchers have found that Jikes RVM provides a useful vehicle for research on the frontiers of virtual machine technologies (over 188 publications and 36 dissertations), as well as teaching courses. If you are looking for where to start reading about the Jikes RVM we have a recommended reading page.


Jikes RVM 3.1.3 Released

Jikes RVM version 3.1.3 has been released and is available for download at

Details are browsable online in our JIRA instance at

The significant impact of the Jikes RVM research community was recently recognized by ACM's Special Interest Group on Programming Languages (SIGPLAN) who awarded the 2012 SIGPLAN Software Award to Jikes RVM.   Quoting from the award citation.

Jikes RVM was the first Java-in-Java virtual machine and contains many innovations, especially on adaptive optimization and memory management.

The high quality and modular design of Jikes has made it easy for researchers to develop, share, and compare advances in programming language implementation. The Jikes RVM core team has nurtured and supported a large community of researchers; this is witnessed by more than 200 papers, at least 40 dissertations, close to 25 courses, and research at almost 100 universities, that are based on the Jikes RVM.

The award names thirty two individuals who have made significant contributions to the project since it began in 1997.  It also calls out the much larger set of code contributors and researchers who have made the Jikes RVM community possible with their energy and involvement.  Congratulations and thank you to everyone who has been part of the Jikes RVM research community over the years!


Google Summer Of Code 2012

We have been accepted in Google Summer of Code 2012 as a mentoring organization. See here for details. To that end, we are looking for project applications - see our ideas page. We have suggested both new and repeat proposals. It is part of the student's responsibilities to flesh out their own proposals, so don't hesitate to suggest crazy and/or sketchy ideas on the researchers mailing list.

The deadline for student applications at is Friday 6 April.

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