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New and Noteworthy

  • Uses Ant 1.7.1, no more hack for Windows support
  • console and shell goals now include classpath of the current project if there is one
  • Added property setters that are more intuitive
  • Lots of stub-generator fixes
  • Better logging configuration for GMaven components; see updated GMaven - Advanced Configuration documentation for more details


Command-line Access

If this release is the latest, then simply use the groovy prefix to invoke goals, as in:

mvn groovy:<goal>

Otherwise, use the full plugin identifier to invoke this version:

mvn org.codehaus.groovy.maven:gmaven-plugin:1.0-rc-3:<goal>

Project Configuration

When configuring projects to use this plugin be sure to define elements in your projects top-level POM's pluginManagement section to bind your project to the required version:


Best Practice


It is highly recommended that you always bind, via pluginManagement the version of plugins which your build depends upon. or with dependencyManagement for versions of artifacts.

Source Code

The source-code for this release is available for browsing here.

Users who wish to check-out this version can access the release tag with Subversion:

svn co

Change Log

T Key Summary P Status Resolution
Bug MGROOVY-161 Build fails with Major Closed Cannot Reproduce
Improvement MGROOVY-160 Upgrade to Ant 1.7.1 Critical Closed Fixed
New Feature MGROOVY-159 Add default gossip configuration to flip on debug/trace in the bootstrap configuration Major Closed Fixed
Bug MGROOVY-157 Wrong stubs created for two-dimensional arrays Major Closed Fixed
Bug MGROOVY-155 byte[] is initialized with -1 Major Closed Fixed
New Feature MGROOVY-154 console/shell access to classes defined in the project Major Closed Duplicate
Bug MGROOVY-151 StubGenerator fails on groovy-script Minor Closed Fixed
Bug MGROOVY-150 StubGeneration for non-empty superclass constructors Major Closed Fixed
New Feature MGROOVY-149 Add command to launch GroovyConsole and GroovyShell with POM dependencies on classpath Minor Closed Fixed
Bug MGROOVY-147 Fix "Configurator - Failed to configure; using fall-back provider" Major Closed Fixed
Bug MGROOVY-146 test classes are not added to the classpath of org.codehaus.groovy.maven:gmaven-plugin:execute Major Closed Fixed
Bug MGROOVY-145 compile errors in generated stubs for certain types Critical Closed Fixed
Bug MGROOVY-140 Stub generation fails when call to super constructor contains an operator Major Closed Fixed
Bug MGROOVY-139 Stub generation fails when call to super constructor contains a method call. Major Closed Fixed
Bug MGROOVY-138 Stub generation fails if constructor calls super with a string arg containing '{' Major Closed Fixed
Wish MGROOVY-136 Complex Mixed compilation howto Minor Closed Not A Bug
Improvement MGROOVY-121 Allow manipulating properties (access to the real project object) in 'execute' Major Closed Fixed
Improvement MGROOVY-70 Look into creating a plexus-compiler impl that can do all the Java+Groovy magic... Trivial Closed Won't Fix
Task MGROOVY-66 Add groovy-bootstrap-maven-plugin to allow more Groovy to be used in the Maven integration Trivial Closed Won't Fix

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