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Winter is still in full swing, but the hibernation period for Tynamo is clearly over. I don't want to steal any of Alex' thunder from his JDO release, but on the heels of it we quickly shipped another release from our module warehouse. Tapestry-exceptionpage 0.1.1 is particularly useful, so handy in fact that we even started using it ourselves (wink) Tapestry-exceptionpage forms the foundation for handling exceptions in our upcoming tapestry-security 0.4.1 release. Read more from tapestry-exceptionpage guide.

Release notes:


  • [TYNAMO-97] - tynamo-exceptionpage doesn't handle operationexceptions


  • [TYNAMO-112] - Properly handle ajax "redirects"
  • [TYNAMO-114] - Improve exception cause handling and documentation
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