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At long last, we've gotten off our collective lazy ass and worked harder than ever for free to bring you tapesty-federatedaccounts 0.1.0, with twitter as the new authentication provider. Some jokesters might question why it took so long since we are just using the super-great twitter4j library, which is almost as good as RestFB that we use for Facebook integration. We are first to admit that twitter4j takes all the pain away from Oauth 1.0a's obnoxious request signing business, so we decided to spend our time refactoring the code to support the Oauth 1.0a/Oauth 2.0 call flows with the same base classes, as well as modularizing the whole implementation because one size just doesn't fit all. Now of course, you my dear don't even have to know any of the these details but just check out tynamo-federatedaccounts guide and open the gates for all of the Facebook and Twitter users to flock to your website (smile)

Release notes:

New Feature

  • [TYNAMO-92] - Twitter realm for federatedaccounts
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