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The Groovy-Eclipse team is proud to announce the release of Groovy-Eclipse 2.6.0. As usual, we have some exciting new features in this release, including quick fixes/quick assists, improved content assist, and improved search and refactoring. Groovy-Eclipse 2.6.0 includes 1.8.4 support as an optional add-on. Once Grails 2.0 is released officially, we will make Groovy 1.8.x the default compiler in Groovy-Eclipse.

You can use the following update site to install this release:

Groovy-Eclipse update site for Eclipse 3.7 and 3.6


For Eclipse 3.7:

For Eclipse 3.6:

For Eclipse 4.2 (this is not a release, but a first snapshot build that we are making available for early adopters of Eclipse Juno):

If you want the Groovy 1.8 compiler, you must explicitly include it by checking the "Extra compilers" category.

And a zipped version of the update site is available at:

Zipped Groovy-Eclipse update site for Eclipse 3.7 and 3.6


For Eclipse 3.7:

For Eclipse 3.6:

For Eclipse 4.2:

You can install from the zip by pointing your Eclipse update manager to the downloaded zip file and following the installation instructions.



Groovy-Eclipse 2.6.0 includes Groovy 1.8.6 by default. Groovy 1.7.10 can be enabled optionally. This version of Groovy-Eclipse is recommended to be installed on STS 2.9.0, Eclipse 3.7.2.  There is also a 4.2-based Groovy-Eclipse now available.  See above for the update site.

Bug fixes

We have fixed over 100 bugs for this release. See the details on our issue tracker.

Shout outs


What's next?

We are tentatively planning a 2.7.0 release in June. You can take a look at all issues we are planning to fix for this release.

We appreciate all community support and feedback. If you wish to join the discussion about Groovy-Eclipse then please sign up for the mailing list. For any issues you have (or enhancements you would like to see), please raise them in our issue tracker. If there is an existing bug fix or enhancement that you require are not seeing any movement on, please make some noise on it (and get your friends to do the same). We respond to community feedback, and we can make the most improvements to Groovy-Eclipse when we hear directly from the community. So, please speak up!

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