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Release Cycle

Since the engine has been stabilized and has become rather feature complete, we now work with a varying release cycle, normally but not necessarily around 2 months. Please check the calendar below for the next dates. See blog post about activity in Activiti project for some more insides.

Then there is 1 week we call the release-week. The release week starts on the code freeze day.  On the morning after the code freeze day, a tag is created for the release.  It is assumed that all coding work has been completed by that time, but practice learns that this should be checked with the group ;-)  After the versions are updated on the branch, we start with pointing the continuous integration jobs to the branch and start smoke testing.  Once that is OK, the publishing of the release can begin.


This calendar shows the release dates and also JIRA Freeze and Code Freeze dates for the releases.

Issue tracker

See the Activiti project in the codehaus JIRA

Current Release (5.9):

T Key Summary Assignee Status
Improvement ACT-1323 revert features: create deployment artifacts and import bpmn 2.0 file Unassigned Resolved
Bug ACT-1233 the position of flow's label can'n correct orientation after reopen bpmn in designer Unassigned Resolved
Bug ACT-1228 the result is not incorrect that query tasks of suspended processInstance Unassigned Closed
Bug ACT-1227 Activit Designer 5.9.2, can't show project list in JAVAEE perspective Tiese Barrell Resolved
Bug ACT-1221 Designer can't display task names longer than 2 lines Tijs Rademakers Resolved
Bug ACT-1219 Activiti designer creates wrong node for event based gateway. Unassigned Resolved
Improvement ACT-1210 Please restore the feature create image(png) automatic at next version Tijs Rademakers Resolved
New Feature ACT-1203 activiti:exclusive implementation in service task Tijs Rademakers Resolved
Bug ACT-1199 timeCycle of timer start event not saved to bpmn20 XML file Tijs Rademakers Resolved
Bug ACT-1195 NullPointerException in BpmnParse#parseAssociations Tijs Rademakers Resolved
Bug ACT-1171 Method "DeleteProcessInstance" not save delete reason Unassigned Resolved
Bug ACT-1154 Missing pictures in the user guide Tijs Rademakers Resolved
Bug ACT-1142 MailTask loses HTML and Text attributes when making changes on generated XML file / importing from XML Tijs Rademakers Resolved
Improvement ACT-1128 Add support for Pools and Swimlanes for the Designer and Explorer Tijs Rademakers Resolved
New Feature ACT-1127 Process containing Send Tasks cannot be imported Tijs Rademakers Resolved
Bug ACT-1126 Open files that are not inside Eclipse projects Tijs Rademakers Resolved
New Feature ACT-1121 Copy and Paste of Form Properties Tijs Rademakers Resolved
Bug ACT-1114 Timer throw exception. Unassigned Closed
Bug ACT-1111 "null" exception in activiti designer when creating BPMN file Tijs Rademakers Resolved
Bug ACT-1110 The Activiti Designer doesn't have the updated XML schema definition of Activiti. Tijs Rademakers Resolved
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