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I swear, I thought tapestry-security already implemented anything you need for security. But turns out I was wrong. So, we quickly put together another, even more awesome release of tapestry-security for Apache Tapestry 5 from, with the following enhancements in the newly baked 0.4.3:


  • [TYNAMO-124] - Context path duplicated when redirecting to saved request
  • [TYNAMO-133] - ShiroHttpServletRequest isn't used if there's no chain associated with the request


  • [TYNAMO-121] - Ability to plug into ExceptionPage for the same exception type
  • [TYNAMO-127] - Make SubjectFactory and RememberMeManager their own services for better flexiblity

New Feature

  • [TYNAMO-128] - Make Authenticator its own service to allow registering authenticationlisteners

Check out the tapestry-security guide for more information and enjoy!

Oh and btw, we had also previously released but hadn't announced a bug-fix release 0.1.2 for the exceptionpage module, that tapestry-security uses for exception handling. The lone issue was:


  • [TYNAMO-126] - Exceptionpage doesn't work for page contributions

Read more about the exceptionpage module from tapestry-exceptionpage guide

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