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Description / Features

Widget Lab offers new widgets:

  • WRV Rules Compliance - a Rules Compliance clone, with the Weighted Rule Violations score in the upper-left corner and the violations count moved under the Severities counts. Additionally, if a variation period is chosen, the widget does some simple math to display both violations cleared and violations added - both numerically and as colored "ears" - versus the net change displayed by the default widget. Since version 1.4, you have the option of showing Rules Compliance and/or Technical Debt in the lower-left corner.
    From SonarQube version 4.5, the use of this widget requires the Issues Density Plugin.
    Rules Category 
  • User Text Display - A global widget that displays your text / HTML / Markdown. Optionally includes a title. For supported markdown, see http://[your server]/markdown/help. Here are two examples of the widget, without and with a title:
  • Global Differential DropDown - A global widget that allows you to put a differential dropdown on a global dashboard. This odd-looking little widget contains only a dropdown, but it allows you to apply a differential period to every widget on a global dashboard (including filters!) at once. It provides the same functionality as the built-in differential dropdown you get on project-level dashboards. Note that since SonarQube version 3.4, this widget won't effect filters, but it will still be honored by metric-specific widgets, such as the Violations widgets - as shown in the screenshot below. (since version 1.3)
  • Security Issue Tags - Shows a project-level list of security-related issue tags with issue counts. (since version 1.7)
  • Global Security Issue Tags - Shows a global list of security-related issue tags with issue counts. (since version 1.7)



  1. Install the plugin through the Update Center or download it into the SONARQUBE_HOME/extensions/plugins directory
  2. Restart the SonarQube server


Just add the new widgets to your dashboards.

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