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Set Sonar Servers

Sonar Eclipse is pre-configured to access local Sonar server listening on http://localhost:9000/. To use another address, you first need to define this server by using the Eclipse global Preferences window:


Test connection limitation



Test connection returns Successfully connected! even if:

  • you have not entered correct credentials (Username/Password)
  • you have not entered any credentials at all and your Sonar server is configured with sonar.forceAuthentication=true
So, make sure to correctly deal with your credentials otherwise you will face unexpected behaviors when linking projects to Sonar servers.

Link Projects to Sonar Servers

Once Sonar server is defined, the next step is to "link" Eclipse projects with projects defined and analysed in Sonar server(s). This linkage operation can be done by right-clicking on the the project into the "Package explorer", and then by choosing "Configure -> Associate with Sonar...":

You are now all set with configuration and you can start using Sonar Eclipse.


In some cases the Eclipse project may not be automatically associated to a Sonar project. If that happens, you need to manually enter the groupId and the artifactId of the Sonar project.
For instance for the following Sonar project, the groupId is "org.codehaus.sonar-plugins" and the artifactId is "sonar-flex-plugin".

unknown error


If you get this unknown error message when trying to associate an Eclipse project with a Sonar project, make sure that you have entered correct credentials when setting the Sonar servers.

Unlink a Project from Sonar Server

This operation can be done by right-clicking on the the project into the "Package explorer", and then by choosing "Configure -> Remove Sonar Nature":


Configure Mylin to deal with Reviews

A Sonar Mylyn connector allows to track reviews.


Feature available since Sonar Eclipse 2.1

Create a Sonar task repository

 To start using this feature, a new Sonar task repository has to be created (see the Mylyn documentation page for more information):

You new repository should now appear in the Task Repositories view:

Create a query

To browse the reviews, you can create as many queries as you wish:

Here's an example of a query that retrieves all the reviews assigned to you on all the projects:

The reviews should appear now in the Task List view:

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