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The only prerequisite to run Sonar is to have Java (Oracle JDK 1.5 onwards) installed on your machine.

Hardware Requirements

  1. The Sonar web server requires at least 500Mb of RAM to run efficiently.
  2. In terms of data space and as an indication, on Nemo the public instance of Sonar, 4Go of data space are used to analyze more than 6 million LOC with an history of 2 years. For every 1'000 LOC to analyze the database stores 600 Ko of data space. Nemo is currently running on a Amazon EC2 small instance.
  3. To get the full experience Sonar has to offer, you should enable Javascript in your browser.

Supported Platforms



Oracle JDK

(tick) 1.5
(tick) 1.6
(warning) 1.7 not tested and there is a user, who reported about possible problem -





Oracle JRockit(error)



Apache Derby

(tick) Bundled with Sonar but supported for evaluation use only. Although using the Derby database gives access to a fully functional version, upgrades are disabled. Therefore, before deploying to a production environment, we strongly recommend that you use an enterprise database.

Microsoft SQL Server

(tick) 2005 with bundled jTDS 1.2
(tick) Express Editions are supported
(warning) 2008 not supported but successfully tested by end-users
(warning) Collation must be case-sensitive (CS) and accent-sensitive (AS)


(tick) 5.x with bundled JDBC Connector/J 5.1
(tick) 6.x with bundled JDBC Connector/J 5.1


(tick) 10G with Oracle 11.2.x drivers
(tick) 11G with Oracle 11.2.x drivers
(tick) XE Editions are supported
(warning) The driver ojdbc14.jar is not supported
(warning) Only thin is supported, not OCI


(tick) 8.3
(tick) 8.4
(tick) 9.0 (from version 2.6 onwards)
(tick) 9.1 (from version 2.6 onwards)

Application Servers


Jetty 6

(tick) Bundled with Sonar

Apache Tomcat

(tick) 5.5
(tick) 6.0
(warning) 7.0 not tested


 Web Browsers


Microsoft Internet Explorer

(warning) IE6 is supported except for management of reviews
(tick) IE7
(tick) IE8
(tick) IE9 is fully supported from version 2.12 onwards.

Mozilla Firefox

(tick) All versions

Google Chrome

(tick) Latest stable version supported
(tick) Tested with 12


(warning) Not tested


(tick) Latest stable version supported


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