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The aim of this glossary is to give a definition to all terms/concepts used in a particular domain of Sonar.




AnalyzerBoostrapper to launch the Sonar Client.Sonar Runner, Maven, Ant Task, etc.


A metric is a property of a piece of software

Lines of code, Cyclomatic complexity, Code coverage


A measure is the value of a metric at a given time

12'000 Lines Of Code, 234 units tests on december 24th


An component is a piece of software regardless of the granularity of this piece

Maven projects, Maven modules, Packages, Classes



Project Tomcat on Nemo


A snapshot is a measures set on a given entity at a given time

Measures set on Tomcat project on december 24th 

Coding rule


Don't import java.lang package

Coding rule violation

This is a violation of a coding rule in a particular piece of software. A piece of software can of course contain several violations on the same coding rule.

Line 4 of file "DummyClass" : Don't import java.lang package

Coding rules profile

A coding rules profile is a given coding rules set

Sonar way on Nemo


A plugin is a set of extensions that put together brings a new functionality to Sonar

PL/SQL plugin, Clover plugin

Coding rules extension



Analysis phase



Collect phase



Injection phase



Quantitative measure

A quantitative measure is a measure that indicates the size of something in a project

# of lines of code, # of classes, ...

Qualitative measure

A qualitative measure is a measure that gives some indication on the quality of the project

Cyclomatic complexity per method, RCI, ...

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