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Compatibility matrix

All SCM providers currently require the native executable to be installed on the box. For example, for Subversion projects svn executable must be available.

(tick) - supported
(question) - not tested
(error) - not implemented


This plugin collects SCM information on each source file to display in the source code viewer the last committer on lines.

Source code viewer

Usage & Installation

  1. Install from Update Center or download the JAR into the directory /extensions/plugins/
  2. Restart Sonar
  3. Define the SCM URL of your project (see SCM URL Format).
    Example for Maven pom.xml:

    Or you can use Project Setting - SCM URL.
    Or specify it via property sonar.scm.url.

  4. Go to Global/Project Settings
    1. Enable plugin. This plugin disabled by default, because can dramatically increase analysis time of your project
    2. Specify User (sonar.scm.user.secured) and Password (sonar.scm.password.secured) if needed; if specified then developerConnection will be used, otherwise connection
  5. Launch a new quality analysis and the metrics will be fed




The first analysis of a project with version 1.4 will last longer than the subsequent analyses.


Known problems and limitations

Subversion "Server certificate verification failed: issuer is not trusted"

Add following to .subversion/servers:

CVS anonymous access not working "org.apache.maven.scm.ScmException: password is required."

Try to set empty password for repository in .cvspass. For example :

I use Git and the annotated sources sometimes display a wrong/old author name

The plugin uses 'git blame' command to find out the author of each line. Because a user can commit with different author name/email, it is advised to have a .mailmap file at the root of the repository. This file is used by 'git blame' to find out canonical name/email of each user.

See http://git-scm.com/docs/git-blame#_mapping_authors



Release 1.4 (15 issues)


Release 1.3 (6 issues)



Release 1.2 (16 issues)


Release 1.1 (4 issues)


Release 1.0 (6 issues)


Release 0.2 (8 issues)


Release 0.1 (6 issues)

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