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Apache Ant integration

IzPack can be easily integrated inside an Ant build process.



The above assumes that the IzPack distribution has been installed to ${user.home}/IzPack.

The IzPack task takes the following parameters:
  • 'input': the XML installation file. The installation can be specified as an external file, or embedded using a config child element.
  • 'output': the output jar installer file
  • 'installerType': optional. standard or web. If web, the <webdir> attribute must be specified in the input file. Used to force creation of a standard installer when the <webdir> attribute has been used.
  • 'inheritAll': optional, boolean. If true all properties defined in the ant build process are transmitted to izpack parser for substitution. 

  • 'baseDir': the base directory to resolve the relative paths
  • 'IzPackDir': the IzPack home directory

Embedding the installation file using a config element

Instead of using the 'input' attribute to specify an external installation document, you can embed the installation config as a child of the IzPack task using a config child element with a CDATA section. For example:


<property name="jboss.home.url" value="http://www.jboss.com/" />
<!-- Call IzPack with an embedded install using the config element -->
<IzPack output="${dist.dir}/IzPack-install.jar"
<installation version="1.0">
         <author name="JBoss Inc." email="sales@jboss.com"/>


Property references of the form




are replaced by the associated x ant property if it is defined.

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