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Description / Features

This plugin is used to exclude some violations in a fine-grained way. It allows to define some exclusion patterns to switch off violations:

  • By rule
  • By file name/path
  • By line or range of lines
  • By file content (since version 1.2)


  1. Install the Switch Off Violations plugin through the Update Center or download it into the SONAR_HOME/extensions/plugins directory
  2. Restart the Sonar server


The configuration of the plugin is done in the Web admin console, where you can specify the exclusion patterns in the textarea (one per line):

  • Comments start with #
  • Blank lines are allowed
  • A line can have the following formats:
    • A semi-colon separated string defining 3 parts: resource key pattern, rule key pattern and range of lines.
    • A semi-colon separated string defining 2 parts: a first regular expression and a second one, which will be used to determine blocks of code for which violations must be ignored
      • Note: if the first regular expression is found but not the second one, then the plugin considers that the end of the code block is the end of the file.
    • A single string defining a regular expression which will be used to determine files that should be ignored if they match this regular expression


# suppress all violations

# exclude the Java file;*;*

# exclude a Java package*;*;*

# exclude a specific rule

# exclude a specific rule on a specific file;;*

# exclude on specific lines 10, 25 and 90;*;[10,25,90]

# exclude on a range of lines;*;[10-90]

# exclude on many ranges of lines;*;[10-90,92,98,120-150]
# Since 1.2: exclude code blocks delimited by GEN-FIRST and GEN-LAST (like NetBeans auto-generated code)
# Since 1.2: exclude files containing "@javax.annotation.Generated"

Change Log


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