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Table of Contents

This page lists all the available Web Services to be used by any HTTP clients.

Available Web Services

Web Service

Possible Actions

Related Pages
  • check authentication credentials


  • get a list of events from a project
  • get a list of global events
  • create an event
  • get a list of favourites
  • create a favourite
  • delete a favourite
Favourites, Filters
  • get the list of all the plugins installed on the Sonar instance
Update Center
  • get a list of manual measures
  • create a manual measure
  • delete a manual measure
Manual Measures
  • get a list of metrics
  • create a metric
  • update a metric
  • delete a metric


  • delete a project
Project Settings
  • get the list of coding rules activated in a quality profile
  • backup a quality profile
  • restore a quality profile
Quality Profiles
  • get a list of properties
  • create a property
  • update a property
  • delete a property
  • get a list of resources
  • get the measures of a list of metrics on a given resource
  • get a list of reviews
  • create a review
  • update a review (add comment, reassign it, etc.)
  • get a list of rules
Quality Profiles
  • returns the status of the Sonar server.
  • get a list of lines from source files
  • returns system properties, server info (Java, OS), database configuration, JVM statistics and installed plugins.
  • get past measures
Time Machine
  • get a list of user properties
  • create a user property
  • update a user property
  • delete a user property
  • Upgrade Sonar database
  • get a list of violations on a given resource

Simple MS Excel Samples

  1. Extracting a list of Measures of a Project: download the MS Excel sample

  2. Extracting all the Violations of a Project: download the MS Excel sample



In case your Sonar server is secured, you will also have to manage authentication. Here's an MS Excel sample to deal with it.

Response Formats

The API provides several response formats such as XML, JSON (ie. JavaScript Object Notation) plain text or CSV.

Check the proper web service documentation to get the list of available format responses.

HTTP Status Codes






Bad request.
The request could not be understood by the server due to malformed syntax.




The request was a legal request, but the server is refusing to respond to it.


The requested resource could not be found.


Internal server error.

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