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This documentation applies to some current work in progress, which is not yet released or deployed. For more information see the IZPACK-844 source code branch at Github.

This is still in the state of a proposal. For using the ConfigurationInstallerListener, still use current documentation of the stable state.


Create, update, patch, and merge application configuration settings during installation. Supported configuration types are:

  • property/option files
  • INI files
  • XML files
  • Windows registry (and 'registry editor' files) 

Conditional execution and dynamic variables are supported in the specification of configuration actions. Add the ConfigurationInstallerListener to your installer by adding the following tag inside the <listeners> element.

This listener does not currently support either the uninstall or compile listener stages.

Required Configuration

The following are required in addition to the listener declaration in install.xml.


Required XML resource file defining all configuration actions and variables. The resource ID for the default spec file in ConfigurationActionsSpec.xml. For details of configuration spec options, see Configuration Actions Specification.

This tag should be defined in the <resources> element in install.xml

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