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Release Cycle

Since the engine has been stabilized and has become rather feature complete, we now work with a varying release cycle, normally but not necessarily around 2 months. Please check the calendar below for the next dates. See blog post about activity in Activiti project for some more insides.

Then there is 1 week we call the release-week. The release week starts on the code freeze day.  On the morning after the code freeze day, a tag is created for the release.  It is assumed that all coding work has been completed by that time, but practice learns that this should be checked with the group ;-)  After the versions are updated on the branch, we start with pointing the continuous integration jobs to the branch and start smoke testing.  Once that is OK, the publishing of the release can begin.


This calendar shows the release dates and also JIRA Freeze and Code Freeze dates for the releases.

Issue tracker

See the Activiti project in the codehaus JIRA

Current Release (5.10):

T Key Summary Assignee Status
Bug ACT-1419 Bug changing process id of Pool Tijs Rademakers Resolved
Bug ACT-1409 Process Properties not working correctly when using Pool BPMN Element Tijs Rademakers Resolved
Bug ACT-1358 listener classes are not listed Tijs Rademakers Resolved
Bug ACT-1357 Update the content of the result variable field Tijs Rademakers Resolved
Bug ACT-1354 exception every time when a certain workflow is opened Tijs Rademakers Resolved
Bug ACT-1310 Designer changes activiti:expression to activiti:string for serviceTask extensionElements Tijs Rademakers Resolved
Bug ACT-1309 NullPointerException in SignalEventHandler Bernd Ruecker (camunda) Resolved
Bug ACT-1308 Null-Pointer Exception in Tijs Rademakers Closed
Bug ACT-1306 Activiti designer doesn't allow expression for priority Tijs Rademakers Resolved
Bug ACT-1305 Parsing call-activity may lead to NullPointerException Tijs Rademakers Resolved
Bug ACT-1298 Deploying two processes with same id breaks engine Unassigned Closed
Bug ACT-1297 BusinessRuleTask does not save Listener configurations Tijs Rademakers Resolved
Bug ACT-1296 Property page "Multi instance" is not refreshed when switching from one UserTask to another Tijs Rademakers Resolved
Improvement ACT-1294 Upgrade Spring dependency to 3.1.2.RELEASE Tijs Rademakers Resolved
Bug ACT-1292 Message start event support in the designer Tijs Rademakers Resolved
New Feature ACT-1288 Timer due date configured by expression can take java.util.Date directly - not only String with ISO 8601 Bernd Ruecker (camunda) Resolved
Bug ACT-1287 HistoricTaskInstanceQuery orderByTaskDefinitionKey() does not work Bernd Ruecker (camunda) Resolved
Bug ACT-1286 REST: Starting a process instance does not handle StartEvent property datatypes correctly Tijs Rademakers Resolved
Improvement ACT-1284 Improve error message if process definition with Message Start Events gets started by "startProcessInstanceByKey" Bernd Ruecker (camunda) Resolved
New Feature ACT-1282 Add method TaskQuery#taskDelegationState(DelegationState) Falko Menge (camunda) Resolved
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