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Cargo is a thin wrapper that allows you to manipulate Java EE containers in a standard way.  


Cargo provides the following Tools and APIs:

  • A Java API to start/stop/configure Java Containers and deploy modules into them.
  • A Java API to parse/create/merge Java EE Modules
  • Ant tasks for using the functions of the Java API from an ANT project.
  • Maven 2/Maven 3 plugin for using the functions of the Java API from a Maven2/Maven3 build.
  • A daemon to start/stop Java Containers and deploy modules into them on a remote machine, via a Web UI, Java API or Maven2/Maven3 build.

These tools and APIs can be used in a standalone fashion or via various IDEs.


Cargo is often used to deploy applications to containers from test APIs (such as JUnit), ANT or Maven builds. Cargo can install the container and dependencies needed for your deployment as well. Please find below the links to our Quick Start guides:

Development Status

Current Versions

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Released on 11/11/2012

All released versions are available here.

Container Support

The pages for Codehaus Cargo have moved.

Click here to go to the new Codehaus Cargo page for Containers


Say hello to CARGO 1.4.13!
Dear CARGO enthusiasts We are happy to present to you CARGO version 1.4.13. This version comes with the below bug fixes and improvements: Core: Changed the Existing Local Configurations / Local Containers so they attempt redeployment of deployables (and not simple deployment) [CARGO-1303] Containers - Jetty: Fixed the RuntimeException: Error scanning file when deploying to an embedded Jetty 9.x…
CARGO 1.4.12 is ready!
Dear CARGO enthusiasts CARGO's first version for 2015, version 1.4.12, is now ready! This version comes with the below bug fixes and improvements: Core API: When starting containers on Java 8, the warning ignoring option PermSize=48m; support was removed in 8.0 doesn't appear anymore [CARGO-1294] AbstractDeployer.stop(Deployable, DeployableMonitor) now calls stop(Deployable) as it should [CARGO-1296 https://jira.codehaus.…
Say hello to CARGO 1.4.11!
Dear CARGO enthusiasts Say hello to CARGO's last version for 2014, version 1.4.11! This version comes with some interesting new features: We added support for Apache TomEE 1.x [CARGO-1194 and CARGO-1282], with support for deploying of EARs and EJBs on it [CARGO-1287]. The WebSphere 8.5.x…

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