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Fire the marketing department.

Yes, we just might have forgotten to announce "a few" releases we've made. We got busy, what can you say? Besides our marketing dudes never do anything anyway. Let's start the year with a bang and correct the situation right now (after taking the marketing department behind the shed). Here's a recap of the previously unannounced releases we've made in the last four months:

tapestry-model 0.5.0

We finally implemented a built-in full text search. The Hibernate version is using HibernateSearch because it's ah so automatic and nice. Only thing is that it's local only. For the JPA version, we fully integrated ElasticSearch, the best thing since full-text bread. I dare say our integration is better than the one that Play framework has to offer. It seamlessly integrates with SQL-based search and is easy to extend. tapestry-model continues to be better suited only for the more experienced Tapestry users. One day we'll write proper documentation for it and surprise you all.

tapestry-security 0.5.0

A fix for TYNAMO-183 forced our hand because of some dependencies on 5.3 so we decided to push out 0.5.0 a bit early. We'll get the rest of the improvements in later. We are also dropping support for T5.0/5.1 but hey it's open source. If you find a bug in the earlier releases, send it to us and we'll patch it.

tynamo-federatedaccounts 0.2.0

TYNAMO-129, or rememberMe with rollingtokens made it as a new submodule of federatedaccounts. There's just no reason to use those puny, insecure and ordinary remember me cookies anymore. More at my blog post on RememberMe with rolling tokens.

jpa-seedentity 0.1.5

First, the younger JPA version of the well battle-tested seedentity library pulled next to the hibernate-seedentity, turned her head and waved, then sprinted ahead laughing, leaving the hibernate guy sobbing in dust (in terms of features).

editablecontent 0.0.3

I still think it's the coolest little library out there and just wouldn't be possible to implement without the lovely distributed configuration of Tapestry. You aren't still modifying your html text content in an offline text editor, are you? Now I just need to integrate conversation and inline image support.

security-jpa 0.0.4

Want to secure your data instances? This one works so well it's annoying.

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