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GUI Preferences - <guiprefs>

Sample IzPack installation description

Basic GUI Configuration

This guiprefs element allows you to set the behavior of the GUI when the installer runs. This information will not have any effect on the command-line installers that will be available in future versions of IzPack.

The attributes that can be specified are :

  • resizable : takes yes or no and indicates whether the window size can be changed or not.
  • width : Sets the initial window width
  • height : Sets the initial window height.
  • splash: This element specifies the path to the image to be used a a splash screen. The path is relative to the installation root.The image can be any bitmap format such as png, jpg, jpeg, gif or bmp.

Look and Feel

The look and feel can be specified on a per-OS basis. For instance you can use the native look and feels on Win32 and OS X but use a third-party one on Unix-like platforms. To do that, you have to add some <laf> child elements to the <guiprefs> element.:

laf: This tag specifies a look and feel. It has a name attribute that defines the look and feel name.

Each laf element needs at least one os child element.

Each laf element can also contain any number of param elements to customize a look and feel. A param elements has two attribues: name and value. The valid names and values will depend on the laf being described.

The available look and feels are:

  • Kunststoff: kunststoff
  • Liquid: liquid
  • Metouia: metouia
  • JGoodies Looks: looks
  • Substance: substance
  • Windows: windows
  • Aqua: aqua
  • Metal: metal

If you don't specify a look and feel for a particular operating system, then the default native one will be used: Windows on Windows, Aqua on Mac OS X and Metal on the Unix-like variants.

Liquid Look and Feel

The Liquid Look and Feel supports the following variant attributes:

decorate.frames: yes means that it will render the frames in Liquid style

decorate.dialogs: yes means that it will render the dialogs in Liquid style

JGoodies Looks

The JGoodies Looks look and feel can be specified by using the variant attributes. The values can be one of:

windows: use the Windows look

plastic: use the basic Plastic look

plastic3D: use the Plastic 3D look

plasticXP: use the Plastic XP look (default).

Here is a small sample:

Substance 6.1

The Substance look and feel toned-down themes can be specified using the variant parameter, with the value being one of:

AttributePushingPixels Theme Name









Please consult https://substance.dev.java.net/docs/skins/toneddown.html for a gallery of the different toned-down themes.

Operating System

familyIdentifies the operating system to which this laf applies. As many family elements as required can be added to an laf element No

Advanced GUI Customization

In addition to the elements and attributes discussed on this page, some characteristics can be customized with the <modifier> element.

These are described in the `Advanced Features` chapter paragraph `Modifying the GUI`.

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