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MetricKeyDescriptionSupported by
Branch coveragebranch_coverage

On each line of code containing some boolean expressions, the branch coverage simply answers the following question: 'Has each boolean expression been evaluated both to true and false?'. This is the density of possible branches in flow control structures that have been followed.


It is a mix of Line coverage and Branch coverage. Its goal is to provide an even more accurate answer to the following question: 'How much of the source code has been covered by the unit tests?".

Line coverageline_coverage

On a given line of code, Line coverage simply answers the following question: 'Has this line of code been executed during the execution of the unit tests?'. Tis is the density of covered lines:



Asserts Counted

Asserts per Test


MetricKeyDescriptionSupported by

The Cyclomatic Complexity is...

 Keywords incrementing the complexity:

GOTO, ...

Javaif, ...
LineslinesNumber of carriage returns.All
XXXxxxxblablaAll but Cobol
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