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Frequently asked questions. Have a question? Post it here or to one of our Mailing Lists.


boo is licensed under a MIT/BSD style license. The current license is always available here.

How complete is boo at the present moment? What's its current status?

Boo is already usable for a large variety of tasks but there still are lots of things in our todo list. Our roadmap although still incomplete should give an idea of where the project stands today and where it's going to.

We're not committing to any hard dates for the releases yet, it all depends on how much help we get from the interested community.

Performance: since it is statically typed, can I expect a performance equal or close to c# or


How different is it from Python?

See Gotchas for Python Users for a summary.

Is it feasable to use boo for building desktop or applications?

Yes. Boo can already be used to implement WinForms/GTK# applications. Take a look at the extras/boox folder for an example.

On the front, thanks to Ian it's already possible to directly embed boo code inside pages, handlers or webservices. examples/ should give you an idea of how everything works right now.

(Sharp|Mono)Develop bindings?

Daniel Grunwald has made great progress on the SharpDevelop front. Get the latest sources from both repositories (SharpD and boo) to check it out.

As for MonoDevelop, well, we already have a gtksourceview syntax mode. Now we are just waiting for someone to step in and get owneship of the task. Maybe it is you? (smile)

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