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Live example


If you want to see a live example of the capabilities of the Web plugin, you can have a look at the analysis of the Shopizer project on Nemo.

Description / Features

The plugin enables analysis of Web pages within SonarQube (HTML, JSP, JSF, Ruby, PHP, etc.).

 It is compatible with the Issues Report plugin to run pre-commit local analysis.


  1. Install the plugin through the Update Center or download it into the SONARQUBE_HOME/extensions/plugins directory
  2. Restart the SonarQubeserver


Run an Analysis with the SonarQubeRunner (Recommended Way)

To run an analysis of your Web project, use the SonarQube Runner.

A sample project is available on github that can be browsed or downloaded/projects/languages/web/web-sonar-runner.

Run an Analysis with the other Analyzers

Maven and Ant can also be used to launch analysis on Web projects.


See Metrics documentation page.

Change Log


Version 2.0 (not yet released) (39 issues)

T Key Summary P Status
Task SONARPLUGINS-2699 Remove "sonar.cpd.web.minimumTokens" property from UI Major Closed
Task SONARPLUGINS-2892 Remove the RegularExpressionCheck rule Major Closed
Bug SONARPLUGINS-2891 NPE thrown by the 'RegularExpressionCheck' rule Major Closed
Bug SONARPLUGINS-2915 DocTypeCheck should be removed Major Closed
Task SONARPLUGINS-2910 Correct pom.xml Major Closed
New Feature SONARPLUGINS-2908 Rule: Image elements or image button should have an 'alt' attribute Major Closed
Bug SONARPLUGINS-3026 AvoidCommentedOutCodeCheck: Improve title, description and issue message Major Closed
Bug SONARPLUGINS-3024 LibraryDependencyCheck : Update title, description and violation message and make it multiple cardinality Major Closed
Task SONARPLUGINS-3019 Reimplement MaxLineLengthCheck Major Closed
Bug SONARPLUGINS-3018 HeaderCheck Improve violation message, rule title and description and the line at which violations are reported Major Closed
New Feature SONARPLUGINS-3013 Table headers use scope or id attribute Major Closed
New Feature SONARPLUGINS-3010 Rule: Links with identical texts should have identical targets Major Closed
Bug SONARPLUGINS-3004 HeaderCheck can lead to NPE Major Closed
Bug SONARPLUGINS-3005 LibraryDependencyCheck Can lead to an NPE Major Closed
New Feature SONARPLUGINS-3003 Rule: Semantic <strong> and <em> tags should be used in place of syntactic <b> and <i> tags Major Closed
New Feature SONARPLUGINS-3001 Rule: The 'width' and 'height' attributes of a 'img' tag should always be defined Major Closed
New Feature SONARPLUGINS-3000 Rule: Each 'header' tag should contain a 'favicon' declaration Major Closed
Improvement SONARPLUGINS-2998 Review the Sonar way profile Major Closed
New Feature SONARPLUGINS-2997 Rule: Form fields should have labels properly associated Major Closed
New Feature SONARPLUGINS-2996 Rule: HTML pages should have a title Major Closed
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Version 1.2 (13 issues)



Version 1.1 (6 issues)


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