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  • Removed all deprecated methods and classes
  • The stop() method on Dataflow operators has been renamed to terminate() to preserve naming consistency accross concepts
  • The reportError() method on Dataflow operators has been replaced with addErrorHandler()
  • The RightShift (>>) operator of DataflowVariables and channels now calls then() instead of whenBound() and so can be chained


  • Deprecated the makeTransparent() method (use makeConcurrent() instead)
  • Removed deprecated actor classes - AbstractPooledActor
  • Created BlockingActor for fast thread-bound actors


  • Deprecated AbstractPooledActor
  • Actor timeout doesn't terminate the actor, but passes a TIMEOUT message to the message handler
  • Created DefaultActor as a replacement for AbstractPooledActorwith the following differences
    • removed the receive method for blocking message read
    • messages are not enhanced with the reply() method nor the sender property
    • The react() method doesn't throw controlled exception to clear the stack. It is the user responsibility to return from the actor body in order to allow the react block to be scheduled


Renaming hints

  • Parallelizer -> GParsPool
  • Asynchronizer -> GParsExecutorsPool
  • doParallel() -> withPool()
  • withParallelizer() -> withPool()
  • withExistingParallelizer() -> withExistingPool()
  • withAsynchronizer() -> withPool()
  • withExistingAsynchronizer() -> withExistingPool()
  • orchestrate() -> runForkJoin()
  • ActorGroup -> PGroup
  • PooledActorGroup -> DefaultPGroup
  • NonDaemonActorGroup -> NonDaemonPGroup
  • Safe -> Agent
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