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Dear CARGO enthusiasts

We are happy to announce the immediate availability of CARGO 1.4.3. This version brings the below bug fixes, enhancements and new features:
  • Common:
    • The property cargo.process.spawn is now working back again [CARGO-1206]
  • Containers:
    • Support for JBoss 7.2.x (also known as EAP 6.1.0) has been added [CARGO-1208]
    • Jetty containers now also have Packager support [CARGO-1210]
  • Daemon:
    • Daemon credentials (HTTP Basic) can now be provided to the Maven plugin configuration [CARGO-1202]
    • The Daemon can now deploy the same deployable twice (with different contexts, obviously) [CARGO-1201]
    • Issues starting GlassFish (and also some other containers) with the Daemon have been fixed [CARGO-1211]
    • In the case the launched Java process doesn't stop properly, the Daemon will now kill it [CARGO-1203] [CARGO-1204] [CARGO-1205]
  • XML merger:
    • Merging listeners when the root (<web-app>) of web.xml contains the xmlns attribute now works well [CARGO-1209]

To upgrade to this new version:


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