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NameSonarQube Runner
Latest version2.3 ( 23 July 2013 )
Requires SonarQube version3.0 or higher ( check version compatibility )
LicenseGNU LGPL 3
DevelopersEvgeny Mandrikov, Simon Brandhof, Fabrice Bellingard
Issue tracker


The SonarQubeRunner is recommended as the default launcher to analyze a project with SonarQube.


  • Java 6 or higher
  • SonarQube is already installed


  1. Uncompress the downloaded file into the directory of your choice. We'll refer to it as <install_directory> in the next steps.
  2. Update the global settings (database connection, server URL) by editing <install_directory>/conf/



  3. Create a new SONAR_RUNNER_HOME environment variable set to <install_directory>.
  4. Add the <install_directory>/bin directory to your path.
  5. You can check the basic installation by opening a new shell and executing the command sonar-runner -h (on Windows platform the command is sonar-runner.bat -h) . You should get a message like this:

If you need more debug information you can add the sonar.verbose property by adding the command line parameter -Dsonar.verbose=true.

You are now ready to analyze a project with the SonarQube Runner.

Change Log


Version 2.2.2 (10 issues)



Version 2.2.2 (1 issues)



Version 2.2.1 (1 issues)



Version 2.2 (6 issues)



Version 2.1 (17 issues)

Type Key Summary Priority
Improvement SONARPLUGINS-1233 Delete the Sonar working/temporary directory before starting analysis Major
Improvement SONARPLUGINS-2730 sonar.sources property should be optional (in particular for parent modules) Major
Improvement SONARPLUGINS-2622 Remove project specific settings in file Major
Improvement SONARPLUGINS-2550 Add the two new properties 'sonar.login' and 'sonar.password' (Sonar 3.4) to the general configuration file Major
New Feature SONARPLUGINS-2540 Provide the ability to execute some plugins like Views or Developer Cockpit plugins without analyzing a technical project Major
Improvement SONARPLUGINS-2571 Make the Sonar Runner support a new "-version" option Major
Improvement SONARPLUGINS-2604 By default, do not display the stack trace when the analysis fails Major
Bug SONARPLUGINS-2560 Sonar-runner fails to execute properly on z/OS Major
Improvement SONARPLUGINS-2421 Make it possible to define a multi-modules project whose modules share the same project base directory Major
Improvement SONARPLUGINS-2295 If an aggregator module defines "sonar.sources" and has such a folder, a warning should be raised Major
Improvement SONARPLUGINS-2285 When the properties "sonar.binaries", "sonar.tests" and "sonar.libraries" doesn't match any existing directory/file the analysis should not fail Major
Bug SONARPLUGINS-2297 The property sonar.sources should not be mandatory Major
Bug SONARPLUGINS-2296 BAT script does not always return the exit code Major
Improvement SONARPLUGINS-2468 Improve the error message when the bootstrapper fails to connect to server Minor
Improvement SONARPLUGINS-2711 Add SQL Server default configuration to conf/ Minor
Bug SONARPLUGINS-2399 Comma is badly supported in sonar.projectName property Minor
Improvement SONARPLUGINS-2313 SONAR_RUNNER_HOME: autodetection over symbolic links + validation when automaticly resolved Minor



Version 2.0 (6 issues)


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