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The directory field is essentially the same as the file field except it the selection is limited to directories only, not single files.


The directory field supports the following attributes for the <spec> element:







Specifies whether or not the selected path must be an existing directory.

true, false default: true



Specifies whether or not the selected directory should be created if it does not exist. (requires mustExist=false)

true, false default: false

allowEmptyValuenoIf set true, no file has to be selected and the box can be left empty.true, false default: false


The directory supports a <description> element that can be used to provide information about the purpose of the directory field.
See Fields documentation for more detail.


Messages for the directory field can be customized by creating a custom lang pack and overriding the following values (attribute values wrapped for readability):



Mixing directory fields with other fields that have text in front of them can lead to formatting (layout) issues. Placing these types of elements on different panels can provide a much better user experience.

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