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Unreleased versions

Version 3.0.0

Planned release date: ???

Planned new features and bug fixes:

T Key Summary Status
Improvement BTM-74 XML format configuration file Open
Improvement BTM-75 Multiple resource configuration files Open
Improvement BTM-77 prevent connections used in a local transaction to be enlisted in a global transaction Open
New Feature BTM-78 add connection leak detection Open
Improvement BTM-83 Add setDataSource() method to PoolingDataSource/ResourceBean Resolved
Bug BTM-96 mvn release:prepare does not update the version in dist module Resolved
Improvement BTM-106 Cleanup JMX naming Open
New Feature BTM-107 Add an alternate transaction journal with higher throughput (nio / java.util.concurrent based). Open
Improvement BTM-113 A patch to use FileChannel insteadof RandomAccessFile to write log journal. Resolved
Bug BTM-114 erroneous java.sql.Wrapper implementation Reopened
New Feature BTM-115 A high available BTM transaction logs journal using bookkeeper Open
Bug BTM-120 JmsPooledConnection can get one session twice Resolved
Bug BTM-121 Java Deadlock when using BTM with MSSQL 2005 Open
Improvement BTM-122 Use maven-bundle-plugin to generate proper OSGi manifest headers Open
Improvement BTM-123 Implement (Java 7) on Resolved
Improvement BTM-124 Allow configuring numerical default isolation levels Resolved
Bug BTM-125 corrupt LrcXAResource on deferred constraint violation Open
Improvement BTM-127 IgnoreRecoveryFailures Option Does Not Prevent Startup Recovery Error Open
New Feature BTM-128 Allow TaskScheduler to be switched to different implementation class based on some new property Open
Bug BTM-130 TransactionSynchronizationRegistry.putResource(key, value) does not survive suspension Open
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Released versions

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